What I treat

Many people ask for homeopathy because it seems to be more natural, more in flow with them. Or they may ask for homeopathy because conventional medicine has not been able to cure their illness, or has caused worrying side effects.

Homeopathy treats the whole person, not the diagnosis.

I provide homeopathic treatment for adults, children and babies suffering from signs of ill health – physical, mental and emotional,

We know that the key to a beautiful garden, where flowers and vegetables bloom abundantly, is healthy soil. Successful gardeners enrich their soil, weed it regularly and keep its chemical make-up in balance. Just like gardening, homeopathy tends the soil – the basis of your health, so troubling symptoms cannot thrive.

I am a qualified homeopathic detox practitioner. Homeopathic detox was first developed by a Dutch doctor, Tinus Smits MD, to treat autistic children, and is now being practised, refined and developed by more than 500 homeopaths worldwide, who are linked by a strong and collaborative network.