What do YOU need to get better?

So why would you come for homeopathic treatment?

A safe harbour.

A safe harbour.

Maybe your doctor is not be able to work out your symptoms. One patient came with an intolerably itchy earlobe. Another came because her caesarean scar hurt when she took off in a plane. Another always got earache on holiday. Another liked to bang his head against the wall. These idiosyncratic symptoms can be hugely troubling, and can leave the doctors stumped.

On the other hand, maybe you have health problems that seem common to many, but you do not fancy the idea of long-term medication.

Maybe you are looking for a new kind of practitioner. Someone who will understand you, and who will have the sensitivity to deal with any health issue you may have, however big, small, common or unusual. Someone who will treat your case with intelligent diligence, with curiosity and creativity, and with an overarching serenity and gentleness which allows you to express yourself fully. Someone who will completely listen, and who you can trust with your vulnerability at a time of illness or depression.

Maybe you are looking for a practitioner who can provide a safe harbour to allow healing to happen, while the rough seas of everyday life crash against the harbour walls. An anchorage where you can mend the cracks in your hull and reset your navigation system before setting sail again.

And when you do, you require a gentle but persistent wind at your back to sustain you on your journey.

Maybe you want to uncover why you have your symptoms. You need a rigorous health detective with a powerful magnifying glass and a torch with a strong, focused beam; someone who can find the key to your healing and hand it to you with trust and respect. You need someone who is firmly on the case. A catalyst for your healing, a Sherpa for the steep slopes, a mentor for when times are hard.

That is what I provide as a homeopath. If you really want to get better, do contact me.

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