Want your very own Doctor in the House?

Would you love to have the Doctor in your house?

Someone to attend closely to your health and nudge you in a healing direction, helping you to form new, healthy habits and ditch the issues that keep you down?

Someone who takes an absolute interest in you as a person, becomes your health mentor, and understands you and your needs?

Well, you may not be able to have Rangan. But if you need that one-to-one attention to start a new, healthy life, you can have me. A homeopathic consultation uncovers the root cause of illness, and my eight-week courses are designed to set you on track if you feel blocked and trapped and need to move forward.

Like Rangan, I use a wide range of tools and strategies and tailor them to your needs. This includes the meditation and mindfulness that Dotti tries in the episode here, and which so successfully brings down her stress – and her cortisol levels. I also can refer you to other healthcare professionals if that is what you need to get better.


Please contact me if you want your healthier life to start now.