Conventional researcher proves homeopathy superior to placebo

IMG_2698In a thorough meta-analysis of all available clinical trials of homeopathy since the 1990s, Dr Robert Hahn has concluded that the effect of homeopathic remedies is “most often superior to placebo.

“Researchers claiming the opposite rely on extensive invalidation of studies, adoption of virtual data, or on inappropriate statistical methods. Further work with meta-analyses should abandon the concept of summarizing all available clinical trials and focus on the effects of homeopathy versus placebo or other treatments in specific diseases or groups of diseases. One way to reduce future emotional-driven distortion of evidence by investigators and skeptics would be to separate the evidence-seeking process from the formulation of clinical guidelines more clearly,” he concluded.

“The author [Dr Hahn] has never practiced, received, or studied homeopathy, but has worked in clinical medicine and performed traditional medical research in anesthesiology and surgery for the past 30 years.”