Arsenicum album improves cell viablity

An in-vitro assessment of the effects of Arsenicum album (30CH and 200CH) on leukocytes previously antagonised by arsenic trioxide.
No placebo effect here!

This abstract states:

“The cell viability results showed that the Arsenicum album 6CH resulted in the lowest absorbance readings and the Arsenicum album 200CH gave the highest readings; this verified the therapeutic effects of homoeopathic remedies when given according to the law of similars; that potencies diluted beyond Avogadro’s constant had stimulating effects; and that the more dilute potencies stimulated recovery in the cells more than the lower potencies, verifying the Arndt-Schultz law. The treatments and the times of exposure were found to be statistically significant determinants of cell viability, whereas succussion did not cause any significant variation in the results.

“The study thereby provided evidence that a biotechnological method could be used to scientifically evaluate the physiological effects of homoeopathic potencies on human cells; that the homoeopathic potencies did have therapeutic effects; and that succussion was not required in the potentization method in order to produce a curative remedy.”