68% of children improved with homeopathy

Outcome of homeopathic treatment in paediatric patients: An observational study from 1998 to 2008

A ten-year study of the paediatric population treated at the Homeopathic Clinic at the Hospital of Lucca (Italy),  observed diseases, the most commonly used remedies, outcome and follow-up of children, in particular with respiratory disease.


Paediatric patients were 551 (mean age 5.9 years), representing 25.7% of all patients. Respiratory diseases were present in 337 children, of whom 168 came to at least one follow-up visit. Respiratory infections (337 cases; 61%), followed by dermatological (88 cases; 16%), psychological (45; 8%) and digestive (40; 7%) disorders were the most frequently observed diseases; 68% of children with respiratory disease showed a strong improvement or attained a resolution of their problems.


The results seem to confirm that homeopathic medicine produces a positive therapeutic response particularly in children presenting respiratory diseases.