Moobs and a force for healing: how like cures like

Everything on the planet is here because it can heal us. Everything is a force for healing, just waiting to be recognised and transformed. Nothing is by accident, and nothing is malevolent, when used curatively.

This is the essence of homeopathy. That which causes the disease cures the disease.


Not only the poisons and toxic substances which, when diluted and energised, make up the majority of the homeopathic remedy list, but toxic relationships, illness, environmental destruction, and traumatic events are all examples of what can be used to strengthen and heal. From chronic illness we gain a perspective of health, and the experience of acute illness can strengthen our immune systems. We can learn from distressing events and do it better next time. From relationships that go wrong we learn about our own needs and the needs of others, and start to live in ways that are more fruitful for us all.

I went along to a seminar yesterday held by the renowned homeopath and vet Geoff Johnson. He was talking about the work he has been doing on remedies made from hormones and hormonal glands. These are not like most homeopathic remedies because they are not toxic, but essential to health and life. Some of these remedies are sourced from synthetic hormones, but essentially we are looking at remedies that come from inside of us. The very essence of being human, used transformatively to bring us to health.

People who need a remedy made from a hormone or gland (which we call a sarcode) are people who need to maintain order, who like to do things methodically, and who feel they have a purpose in life. These people are good at logistics, organising demand and supply. They collaborate and communicate well with others.

On the down side, they feel the need to do everything perfectly, and this can become very stressful, especially as it is bound up with the feeling that they must be useful to others: they need to feel needed. They believe they must be strong, to protect others, but at core they are delicate and fragile. They crave regulation, order, balance, but often feel out of balance, which is causes them distress.

The illnesses these people may suffer from include metabolic disorders and eating disorders. In women, premature menopause or polycystic ovaries. In men, problems with genitals and ‘moobs’.

So you can see that the people who may need a remedy made from a sarcode – a hormone – are displaying the characteristics of the hormones themselves. Hormones are chemical messengers in the body that regulate our whole system. Hormones need to be balanced, working in sequence, collaborating or communicating with other glands and hormones to maintain balance.

This is how homeopathy works: like cures like. If you would like to know more about the information in this blog, please do contact me.