How healthy are you? Check your own level of health.

Shrek said, “Ogres are like onions… we both have layers.”
People are like ogres, who are like onions.

We all have layers of ill-health, which are laid down like the rings of a tree when we encounter an emotional or physical trauma, or a disease, or take in toxins from the environment or through what we put in our bodies.

The following chart is an attempt to show these layers in terms of overall health. There are six layers of positive health and six layers of ill health, getting better from +1 to +6, and worsening from -1 to -6. Where are you on the scale? We can be in more than one place, and it can differ from day to day. But where are you now?

levels of health table

Is your illness all-encompassing? Are you resigned to a state of ill health? Are you often in pain? Sometimes it seems easier just to take the medication that makes life tolerable and allows you to function.

But if you would like to move out of that place and up the chart by exploring your layers, please contact me. A better state of health may be possible for you.

Homeopathy aims to peel back the layers of ill-health starting from where you are right now – your top layer. The aim of treatment is for you to reach a point of joyful, creative living where illness is a thing of the past.

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