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Good health is like gardening

Diggin' out the roots.

Diggin’ out the roots.

I have just been digging couch grass out of my new allotment. It is really hard work, and the soil is cold and waterlogged. The grass’s roots have insinuated themselves throughout the plot, dashing any plans of  an early sowing. What I have to do is thoroughly dig out every trace of the plant, and this will take a long time.

Then I will fertilise the soil with manure or organic compost or leaf mold, ensuring the soil conditions will be perfect for the vegetables to grow.

When the soil is ready, I will plant seeds, seedlings and tubers, water the soil, keep weeding, keep feeding, and eventually harvest and munch the fresh, wholesome veggies, sharing them with my family and friends.

The process is no different for those who suffer from chronic disease.

The disease is the couch grass – already taking hold, spreading and infiltrating the soil, which is you: your body. It is very difficult to make the soil productive if all its energy is going into supporting the couch grass. As with your body – chronic disease takes so much energy that your daily life is hindered.

As a homeopath, I would help you weed out the disease, and prepare your immune system bed for any crop – venture, action or creative project – that you may wish to sow.

With the weeds gone and the soil enriched, there is no end to marvellous and bountiful harvest that can be gathered and enjoyed.

allotment 003

Dreaming of my harvest…