About homeopathy

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural and dynamic system of healthcare that looks at each person as a whole, unique individual, and aims to treat an individual’s experience of symptoms by fostering well-being from within. This is done by administering a homeopathic remedy, which aims to stimulate your healing systems based on the principle that ‘like can treat like’.

What is a remedy?

Homeopathic remedies are drawn from predominantly natural sources – animal, vegetable and mineral. There are around 3,000 different remedies available to homeopaths. They are made in properly regulated pharmacies. The pharmacy takes a source material, and then puts it through a series of dilutions and succussions (shaking). Remedies are normally administered on pleasant sugar pills to be chewed or sucked, or in drops to be mixed with water.

Are remedies poisonous?

No. Remedies are diluted and have no toxic or pharmacological effects on the body. Remedies do not cause side-effects, nor are they addictive.

I am already taking medicine from the doctor. Can I go ahead and use homeopathy?

Yes. Clients on medication can take homeopathy alongside their usual prescription. Homeopathy can be complementary to conventional medicine, and clients sometimes need to access both kinds of healthcare. As a client, treatment options are always led by you, and I will support your healthcare decisions, fitting the homeopathic treatment around the conventional.

What does the treatment consist of?

The first consultation is one and a half hours long. I will ask you about your symptoms, how you are feeling, about your own medical history, your family medical history, and general questions about, for example, what you like to eat, what your body temperature is like, and how well you sleep. The information you give me will build a picture of you as a complete individual, and from that I will be able to prescribe the remedy appropriate for you.

The consultation consists mainly of talking, but I might introduce a relaxation exercise, or an NLP technique if this is appropriate. You will be able to take these exercises to practise at home, or to use to gain peace in stressful situations.

How soon will I get better?

I will normally ask you to attend a follow-up session (one hour) to assess the remedy reaction, and take the treatment further. The number of sessions you need will depend on how ill you are, how long you have been ill, and how quickly your body responds to the remedy. I have had patients who improved after a single appointment, and have had those who I have seen over the course of years, while their health recovers from serious, chronic illness.

Healing is a journey. I am fit and healthy, but I continue to have regular homeopathic treatment which I started twenty years ago. It has helped me to reach a level of optimum good health.

How much will I have to pay?

My normal rates are £50 an hour. So the first session (one and a half hours) will cost £75 and follow-ups (one hour) will be £50. For children it is £50 for the first session (one hour) and £25 for follow-ups (half an hour). My £50-an-hour fee also applies to Skype consultations, and time spent working on detox cases when the patient is not present. I am willing to negotiate a lower fee in cases of genuine financial need.

What does the cost include?

Your rate includes the consultation, your remedies*, 24-hour access to a homeopath in cases of acute illness every day of the year, access to me between consultations, and any supervision (quality control) or study (Continuing Professional Development) costs that I may incur on your behalf.

* Except when I need to order a remedy or topical cream for you. These cost generally less per item than the average cost of pharmaceutical prescriptions, which was £10.43 in 2011 (according to figures from the ABPI). Patients requiring detox order and pay for their remedies direct from the pharmacy.

Where and when do you practise?

I am available for consultations during office hours, and I can arrange evening and weekend appointments if required. I can see local clients at a clinic or home setting in Marlow, and I offer Skype and telephone appointments for people who live further afield.

How can I contact you?

Telephone 07885 519060.


Skype: julialockwood (Julia Lockwood RSHom)