About me

Julia Lockwood MSc BA(Hons) PHSH RSHom

I believe homeopathy is the most effective way someone can improve their health at a very deep and lasting level.

I was called to practise when all of my one-year-old son’s asthma symptoms disappeared after seeing a homeopath, and I witnessed a huge leap in his happiness and general well being. And when I was a child, my grandmother used to give me remedies when I was poorly – I remember getting instant relief from the pain of childhood illnesses. When I began to study homeopathy, I realised I had found my vocation.

Nineteen years on and two more sons later, I gained a professional qualification in homeopathy (PHSH) in 2007, and I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths (RSHom), so I can pass on these huge benefits to other patients suffering from a range of chronic and acute conditions.

I am a trained in homeopathic detox.

I have graduated with an MSc in Integrated Healthcare from the University of Central Lancashire.

I am co-editor of New Homeopath, the professional journal of the Society of Homeopaths. For a subscription, visit https://homeopathy-soh.org/subscribe/

The Society of Homeopaths runs a very rigorous induction and Continuing Professional Development procedure, far in excess of government requirements, to ensure all its members practise homeopathy to the highest standards possible. As a member, I am on a voluntary register that has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. This means that professional medical practitioners can safely refer patients to me.

I am proud to be a member of the Society of Homeopaths. I welcome the Society’s rigorous approach, and strive for the highest degree of professionalism in my own practice. i am a member of the Society’s Public Affairs Committee.

* I adhere to a strict Code of Ethics;

* I endeavour to maintain the National Occupational Standards set out for homeopaths;

* I continue to study homeopathy not only on my MSc course, but also at conferences, seminars, in peer groups, and individually;

* I am fully insured;

* I keep abreast of current political requirements;

* I attend supervision regularly.

* I work with other homeopaths, so I am able to access other professional opinions at any time.

More about me…

I have three sons, aged 15, 18 and 21.

I was chair of governors at a local infant school, and I am a director of Transition Town Marlow, an organisation which promotes sustainable, low-carbon, localised ways of living, and building strong community bonds.

My husband, first son and I moved to Marlow in 1999 from London.

Before having children, I was a trade journalist. I worked on the National Housing Federation’s newsletters, and on a pharmaceutical trade newsletter, Scrip. I was an all-rounder: a reporter, sub-editor and production editor.

I gained an degree in Humanities (BA Hons, upper second) from the University of Greenwich in 1990.

I grew up in North Devon.

I am a writer, and I have written a movie screenplay about the lives of Melanie and Samuel Hahnemann. Please contact me if you would like to know more about this.

I love Kundalini Yoga and walking in the countryside.